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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today it's time

for another glimpse into my home


Carol said...

Hm I'll never get why sometimes you can click on a pic to see the enlarged version and sometimes you cant. Does someone of you know what the trick is?

abe/happy said...

Do you load your pictures through Hello or Picasa?

I keep my pictures as thumbnails as it uses too much bandwith on my paid site, so you cant click on mine for a bigger view.

sorry not much help was I :(

Carol said...

Hi abe/happy,

neither hello nor picasa, I use fotopic.net because it's free and blogger.com is luckily free as well.

Peggy said...

I love the picture and love your home even more!!

ms*robyn said...

ooh, I love the fireplace surround - is that a real fire place? your home is gorgeous - love the table too

abe/happy said...

Carol Hello is free and so is picasa, Hello is linked to blogger and makes it easy to post pics.

heres the site if your interested


Maggie Ann said...

Very homey...all decorated for Christmas! You have a lovely home Carol.

Kali said...

very beautiful...your home looks very inviting, and you definitely have decorated in the spirit of Christmas!

Carol said...

Thank you ladies, I'm glad you like my home and I'd invite you over for a tea party, if you wouldn't live so far away.

abe/happy thanks again I'll have a look at that site.

Robyn, no we rarely have real fireplaces overhere because we all have heatings installed, but I'd always wanted to have one at least to decorate it and that's why I've asked my dad to build me one out of wood. He did a good job and I'm very happy with my fake firplace now. I light candles in it instead of a real fire.


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