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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Message for Zephyr!

Vicki if you read this - just to let you know - I've been visiting your blog (signed in to typepad first) and tried to comment yesterday and today, but it doesn't work. I love your fall pictures and the new one with the blue water in the background looks superb!


Alice said...

I tried to sign into Typepad, too, but it wouldn't accept anything I keyed in, so I decided I'll just have to email Vicki instead, although that's not as satisfactory as making comments on the actual postings.

Carol said...

Good to see it's not only me Alice!

zephyr said...

THANK YOU Carol for the alert...
I was worried this would happen...Just to let you know, I have changed the requirement for posting. IT IS NO LONGER NECESSARY to sign up with TypePad...I am now employing a different method for combating spam. Please try again.

Sorry I have not visited sooner...I have been swamped with work.

Carol said...

Okay thanks Vicki I'll try again and no need to be sorry!

Carol said...

Okay I've tried it again, but it is still not working for me :(


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