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Monday, December 05, 2005

Another creative afternoon

Seeing that you can't buy blank tags here in Germany *rolls eyes*, I've made my own tags this afternoon out of cardboard and brown parcel paper and have decorated them a bit to use them for the christmas gifts for my family and friends.


Maggie Ann said...

Your tags have turned out very pretty....and you got a lot made to. *smile* Well, guess what the mailman brought me this afternoon? Yes it is your card and hankie!...the lace on the handkerchief is wonderful...thank you Carol for this beautiful hankie. I enjoyed your pretty card and note too. And the stickers...love them! And the interesting and lovely postage stamps. I'm enjoying everything!! A big thanks to you and a *hug*!

ms*robyn said...

I too received my card & hankie & yes ! I can smell the roses - just glorious - the envelope was a work of art. Love the hankie too !
your tags are great - I am doing the same although we can buy blank tags which makes it alot easier.

Garden girl said...

Carol when I was teaching we turned the backs of old christmas cards - the bit with no writing on it into xmas tags, so every year out of habit now I save old cards and make tags out of them....I have boxes full of them - lol!! I cut the cards out with pinking shears zig zags to make them pretty.

Kali said...

these tags looks great, much nicer than bought ones...love the recycling ideas.

zephyr said...

so cool Carol!
May I ask where you found the old black and white illustrations of Santa, et. all? Are the clip art?

Peggy said...

Carol, Thank you so much for the beautiful hankie and lovely Christmas card! I am going to frame my hankies for my bedroom wall. Love coming here to see whats new at your home.

Carol said...

Hi all!

I've had a lot of stress at work yesterday and today and had to work overtime that's why I've had no time for a new post yet.

I'm so glad to hear that my swapcards arrive everywhere by now. It's so much fun at the mo looking into the mailbox when I come home. Will post a picture with all your cards soon.

Yes Krissie I like your x-mas card recycling idea too.

Vicki - sure you may ask, I've searched for christmas pictures at google - pictures and then went through all the photos and links until I found pictures on some rubberstamp sites for example (that's why they are b&W )that I liked and then I've printed them out immediately, have not saved them on my pc though. When I have more time I'll have a look if I can find them again and then I post you the links.


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