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Monday, December 12, 2005

Victorian Tags

I absolutely love the "Victorian Times", that's why I was trying to make some "Victorian Style" tags this time. I think they do not look bad as decoration on the christmas tree either, it makes the tree look even more nostalgic. So here they are:


Maria said...

Here is a fan of the Victorian style too! (is that not a suprise any more Carol?) I've tried to decorate my dollhouse like that. The tags look very nice and different. Its funny to mix your Christmas with traditional and unexpected things.

Maggie Ann said...

Carol, I absolutely LOVE your tags. They are wonderful and yes, they look great on the tree. I love Victorian style too. Glad you got your hankie!

Carol said...

Hi Maria and Maggie,

I'm glad that you like my tags! Maria I'm answering your e-mail as soon as I can!

Lady Laurie said...

Oh,I love Victorian style too!! Beautiful tags!

Becca said...

These are wonderful tags ... and I love the silver ornaments on the tree, too.


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