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Sunday, December 25, 2005

To those who

wanted to know what have been hidden in the gift box that I've posted earlier, it was a silver tea pot for my mum which I've bought from my favourite online webshop "Emily and Ivy" and my mum loved it too :D

We've had a truly wonderful Christmas Eve, the dinner my mum has cooked was yummy, so was the vine and everything else and my daughter has played Christmas songs on her brand new guitar and we all sang together and my Dad even got his 57 years old harmonica (harp?) out and played Christmas songs on it as well. We've been exchanging beautiful presents (oh I've got such nice gifts, will make and post photos later) and I've had the impression of everyone being happy :D


Garden girl said...

Carol - I feel as I've just opened that gift with you!

We also celebrated our christmas last night on christmas eve, and I had so many thoughts of all of you who also celeb christmas on christmas eve. Thank you for your kind wishes, and I would like to also wish you a wonderful christmas and all the best in the new year 2006. cheers krissie

Kali said...

What a really beautiful gift! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day ~ your Christmas Eve sounded so special with the music and singing.

abe/happy said...

what a lovely gift to give your Mum

Maggie Ann said...

Don't you just love teapots! One of my favorite gifts this year is a teapot too. I'm going to get around to posting a picture of it. This one is simply elegant, no wondor your mum loved it..=)


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