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Thursday, December 29, 2005

This is my new Cocoa set

another lovely and nostalgic gift that I've got from my mum :D

and I also love the collage paper which my sis has got me for Christmas:


Connie and Rob said...

Oh your new Cocoa Set is just beautiful. I would love see a picture of some of your tea sets also. I just think they are timeless!

You are a very lucky girl!

ms*robyn said...

ooh I love the jug ! is that vintage? gorgeous !

Kali said...

These are really special ~ and obviously gifts chosen very well ~ enjoy :)

Maggie Ann said...

How beautiful both gifts are...the lady pictured is so quaint. How special! Love the red paper, what a treat that will be to use. And, couldn't help noticing the wonderful rose fabric on your pillow in the picture. I love roses anything...when God created a rose, I wondor if he liked it better than any other flower..but no, there are many breathtaking flowers, but oh those roses!

Garden girl said...

that cocoa set is just lovely..oh my gosh I would be too scared to use it in case I smashed the cups!
clumsy GG here! lol.

Alice said...

Such beautiful gifts, obviously chosen with great love just for you. Your snow photos are wonderful - (I'd like to add a little snow to our excessive sunshine at the moment) - especially love the little robin in the snow.

It's too hot for cocoa here at present, so may I just hop over to Germany for a cup, please?

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy New Year Carol. Your new/old cocoa set is just lovely. How old is it? Is is German?

Carol said...

Nope it's new, but still very special to me, I have enough vintage tableware that I like have some new from time to time, especially when it looks so nostalgic! It's stamped with Meander BV a company from the Netherlands


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