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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Seasonal Swap December

This is the content of my seasonal swap december parcel from Samantha. All self crafted by the looks of it, which I really appreciate, I was just a bit disappointed that there was no tag, nor card or letter added, nothing, no personal word, as if it comes from an absolute stranger. So Samantha if you read this, thank you very much, I like the colours of the scarf!


Garden girl said...

if she's anything like me...I rushed like mad to post off all my cards to be really efficient, and once posted I realised that I hadnt realy said anything personal in them....beating myself up now...oh well next year I shall remember.

Carol said...

Yep that's possible Krissie, she might have been stressed.

mrspao said...

Hi Carol, it is true, I nipped off to the post office and left your letter on my desk at work which I have now buried somewhere meaning to find it and mail it which I will, I promise! I'm very sorry!

Carol said...

Aww Samantha it's okay, I'm glad to read you and to see that you have a blog too. I'm coming over to your blog now to get to know you a bit. Thank you for posting here and don't worry anymore. Have you seen how nice your gifts look decorated on my mantle piece?


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