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Saturday, December 31, 2005

OMG! Even more snow!

Can you see how much new snow we've got last nigth? How is the little Robin supposed to find his birdseed today?


Alice said...

Your garden looks like a picture from a fairy story - just beautiful. I hope it's not too cold for you.

I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful New Year, Carol.

Sandy said...

We still haven't got any snow! Have a Happy New Year Carol! Best wishes.

Connie and Rob said...

Every time I pull up your blog I am just in awe of how beautiful your pictures are...then today I see these and you just keep taking my breath away. You really have a talent!

Happy New Year!

Kali said...

Dear Carola ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your daughter and family ~ May it be filled with all that you wish for and more...**HUGS**

Carol said...

Aww thank you for your kind words ladies!:D

Nope it's not too cold Alice, we're used to winter weather over here.
Btw the beautiful snow is all gone today because of rain.

Happy New Year to all of yous!

Hugs xox

Maggie Ann said...

I love your photos! Beautiful snowscene.

zephyr said...

Happy New Year, dear Carol!
i love your photos
especially...it's so hard to chose
but i absolutely love the little robin
the "birds eye view" of the snowy
garden table and chairs.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...


That is a very nice picture of what I assume is your back yard/garden. Fantastic use of black and white to bring out the contras



Carol said...

Hi Cristopher! Thank you for the compliment, yes it is a part of my backyard, but I have not used b&w for this picture, they are just the natural colours!

paperbird said...

Your garden is so beautiful in the snow- I love it.


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